Geopark of Lapland 2014-2015

The Golden Geopark of Lapland

The Golden Geopark of Lapland is a project aimed at establishing a Geopark in northern Finnish Lapland. The themes of the Golden Geopark will be geology, gold history, gold, local cultures and northern nature. Geology and human culture go hand in hand in the area of the future Golden Geopark. It includes several geologically interesting sites, some of which have international value. The area is rich with placer gold deposits, a fact that caused a gold rush in the 1860s. Gold prospecting is a traditional local livelihood and a significant part of the area’s history. The main remnants of the gold history are chosen as geosites in the future Geopark, as well as the most unique and important geological sites. Supporting local businesses and getting them involved in the Geopark activities will be a focus of the aspiring Golden Geopark.

Golden Geopark of Lapland project is applying membership of the European and Global Geoparks Network.

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Geological Heritage

All Geoparks belong to a global Geopark network that works under the auspicies of UNESCO. 

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The project is co- financed by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.